Health & Safety

Crude Energy Services is committed to maintaining a strong and effective Environment, Health & Safety Program.

Compliance with legislation and the protection of employees from injury and occupational disease is our top priority and we are committed to striving to maintain a safe and healthy work environment through daily implementation and regular review of our environment, health & safety program.

Crude Energy Services prides itself on an excellent safety record having passed 1.4 million injury free man hours and zero lost time accidents since 2005. Our Health and Safety Program has been designed to provide the best possible protection to our team, clients and the general public.

With our COR certified Health & Safety Program, and a WCB premium rate at the lowest in our industry, our safety commitment allows us to get the job done to the highest possible safety standards.

All workers have the obligation and the responsibility to refuse to carry out any work they feel is unsafe.

"As senior management, project managers, site superintendents and foremen we are committed to taking every reasonable precaution to protect workers from harm.

We will ensure that all personnel work together to sustain a safe work environment."

-P. Mahowich, President

No job is considered to be so urgent that safety can be jeopardized.