Industrial Consruction

Industrial Construction

  • Pile layout, cutting and capping

  • Structural steel assembly

  • Piping fabrication and installation

  • Equipment setting and installation

  • Hydro testing, commission and start-up

  • Expansions to existing plants and facilities

  • Compressor stations, pumping station

  • Construct and install SAGD well pads


Pipe and Module Fabrication

  • Pipe supports

  • Carbon steel piping

  • Stainless steel piping

  • Structural steel fabrication

  • Equipment bases

  • Platforms and catwalks

  • Skids and module frames

  • Well pad modules

  • Process equipment and pipe rack modules

  • Wide range of welding procedures


Mechanical Maintenance and Plant Turnaround

  • Shutdowns and turnaround

  • Salvage and demolition projects

  • Repair / altered boilers and pressure vessels

  • General plant maintenance