Stakeholder Engagement

Crude Energy Services is an equal opportunity employer, promoting diversity and respect in the workplace. We recognize the history, uniqueness and diversity of the Aboriginal peoples. Positive relationships with Aboriginal communities, Aboriginal employees and our fellow Aboriginal businesses will assist everyone in realizing their aspirations.


Our Values

Crude Energy Services values, embraced by our employees, will guide our day-to-day relations with Aboriginal communities and employees. These values include open communication, integrity, mutual respect, and making a positive difference by providing long-term career opportunities for all Crude Energy Services’ employees, Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal alike.


Community Relations

Crude Energy Services’ head office is located in Lac La Biche, Alberta. The community has a large population of Métis and First Nations people. Crude Energy Services recognizes the constitutional rights possessed by Aboriginal peoples in the respective jurisdictions in which they reside. We respect the traditional ways, Aboriginal heritage sites, and the relationship that Aboriginal peoples have with the land and environment. Crude Energy Services is committed to providing opportunities for Aboriginal people and enhancing the overall success of the respective Aboriginal communities affected by our company’s work projects.



Crude Energy Services is a strong supporter of the Alberta apprenticeship programs through employment and through contributions to Portage College. Our apprenticeship ratio is consistently around 25%. Our company history of hiring and training Aboriginal tradespeople is excellent. Our Aboriginal employees’ success will continue to increase with the growth of our company.


Economic Respect

Crude Energy Services is a strong believer that Aboriginal peoples have the moral right to develop an economy within their own culture and their communities, utilizing the inherent land and resources that is rightfully theirs. With business opportunities available in the regions in which we work, Crude Energy Services utilizes Aboriginal-owned businesses whenever possible.


Community Investment

Crude Energy Services continues to be an active contributor to numerous of non-profit organizations in Lac La Biche and surrounding regions. We are proud to support charities and initiatives that help improve the quality of life and the economic health of the community where we operate.  Our focus for community donations and sponsorship's is on health and wellness, education and training.